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Creative. Business. Law.

“Creativity takes courage.”

– Henri Matisse

Maddrey PLLC is dedicated to helping you do what you do best. Create. Passionate about those who create, we focus on Art Law, Entrepreneur and Startup Law, Copyright Law and Litigation, General Business Law and Litigation, and Estate Planning. We are Maddrey PLLC

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Before founding Maddrey PLLC, Thomas Maddrey was a commercial photographer, entrepreneur, and gallery owner. His work in both the arts and business ownership has given him a unique perspective on the needs of owners and creatives, as well as an understanding of the obstacles they face. As one client recently said, he's "the perfect blend of intelligence and confidence without the all too common lawyer trait of arrogance."


Art Law + Litigation

Maddrey PLLC serves the entire lifecycle of the art community. From the artist who creates the work, to the gallery that presents it, to the collector who invests her hard-earned money to purchase the final piece, and the museum who acquires and displays the piece to the world, each constituency has its own legal landscape to navigate.

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Business Law + Litigation

At Maddrey PLLC, we set up our clients for success. This not only means that we equip you to enter the marketplace with the right strategy, contracts, and documents, but we also protect your rights in court when those agreements are violated.

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Blockchain + Digital Currencies

At Maddrey PLLC, we’ve worked hard to navigate this new and quickly evolving financial technology. Though still in its infancy, blockchain and digital currency technologies are complicated, but have the potential to alter the landscape of hundreds of industries. Feel lost? We can help.

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