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Blockchain + Digital Currencies

Always mindful of emerging technologies and how they may impact our clients, Maddrey PLLC goes to great lengths to understand blockchain-related technologies. In addition to exploring the technological aspects of blockchain, the firm monitors the regulatory responses and how legal regimes have treated these new technologies. Maddrey PLLC has a level of knowledge regarding the underlying technology and the related laws that makes us well positioned to move forward on your matter with a minimal need to expend time getting up to speed on the unique issues that can arise blockchains.

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Token Offerings, Regulatory Guidance, and Compliance Services

Blockchain tech and digital currencies have birthed entirely new forms of funding mechanisms and revenue streams. The regulatory oversight from the SEC, CFTC, a number of other federal agencies, and state regulators is dynamic, expansive, and often can seem overwhelming for those who simply want to focus a technological concept they would like to advance. Our experience with related regulatory concerns and our relationships within the blockchain-community, in the DFW metroplex and beyond, provide us the ability and experience to tackle the wide spectrum of regulatory needs related to fundraising and continued operational compliance.

General Counsel Services for Blockchain Tech Companies

While token offerings and securities law may often be the most widely discussed legal aspects of starting and running a business involving blockchain, blockchain-centric ventures also come with a number of other, less often publicized legal concerns—many of which come with operating any business. Often, because of the technology lying at the core of the venture, these other concerns require legal treatment that differs from that of most business models but that is often overlooked or underanalyzed. Maddrey PLLC takes pride in the great care and effort we have undertaken to educate ourselves on not only the hottest legal trends related to blockchain but also many of the underlooked aspects.

Intellectual-Property + Art-Specific Blockchain Projects

Blockchains can contain a number of varying properties, but even open source projects, whether the original developers are aware of it or not, have intellectual property considerations that should be carefully thought through. Whether a project’s organizer wants to or not or knows that the best practice to formally articulate the projects’ intellectual property strategy, it is highly likely that there is going to be intellectual property created that can be very significant when working in this space. This is true even of open source technologies that freely offer any IP that is created to be used in whatever manner any member of the general public sees fit.

Cryptoasset Estate Planning

Much like estate planning for art collectors, estate planning for holders of various forms of cryptoassets require especially unique solutions. Maddrey PLLC has developed several methods through which cryptoasset holders can discreetly work with us to create an estate plan for their cryptoassets that ensures their passing does not result in all of the cryptoassets they held being lost forever (if others in their lives are even aware that the deceased even had cryptoassets, which is far from a far thing). Do not worry, if you are working with Maddrey PLLC on your crypto estate plan, we do not ask (or want) any of your private key information.

Litigation Concerning Cryptoassets

Although we are excited by blockchain technology and the possibilities it has created, we also recognize that it is an industry that has attracted a number bad actors, unintentional consequences, and other actions that can be a source for taking legal action in an attempt to remedy the situation. Whether it is a contractual dispute, such as a disagreement amongst the team creating a project, or there has been a tortious violation of the law, which may be performed by scammers, hackers, or another bad or negligent actor, Maddrey PLLC can deploy its uncommon combination of litigation experience and blockchain-related knowledge to take on these type of disputes, head on.

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