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Art Law + Litigation

Some lawyers say they do “art law,” but Maddrey PLLC has firsthand experience. For over a decade, founding partner Thomas Maddrey was a commercial photographer, entrepreneur, and art gallery owner. What you are experiencing as an artist, collector, gallery owner, or museum, Thomas has experienced as well. We serve the entire lifecycle of the art community. From the artist to the gallery to the collector, each constituency has their own legal minefield to cross. We can help.

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Copyright + Trademark

Intellectual property is often the most valuable aspect of an endeavor, often holding true in both the projects or works undertaken by individual creators and in business ventures launched by entrepreneurs. Maddrey PLLC provides a wide range of services concerning trademark and copyright law that help to protect the rights of creators of intellectual property, while also evaluating overall intellectual property strategy of each client in order to allow creators to take full advantage of the opportunities that can be derived from the protections and value provided by securing and maintaining intellectual property rights. From helping clients register their trademarks and copyrights to defending that IP in court, Maddrey PLLC can help you through each step of the process.

Artists + Creatives

Artists are the the soul of creativity in the world. Far too much time is spent on legal and business matters, taking them away from their passion and livelihood. Maddrey PLLC can help guide individual artists through all areas of art law, both the expected and unexpected.

Collectors + Patrons

Collectors are motivated by a wide range of factors. From closing the deal on your first piece in your collection to drafting the proper paperwork on the sale or donation of a seven-figure work, Maddrey PLLC can be your champion and your guide.

Galleries + Dealers

Galleries and gallery owners have a wide variety of concerns. Whether you’re an emerging gallery or an established powerhouse buying and selling art by the truckload, think of Maddrey PLLC as an on-call legal resource, familiar with your business and ready to help.

Museums + Institutions

Museums and public collections are the backbone of the art world -- and they have plenty of legal obligations to go along with it. Whether non-profit or for-profit, let Maddrey PLLC support you in your mission by providing a team that is truly passionate about what you do and your success.

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