The New App That Styles and Empowers

Here’s the honest truth: most women will spend big money on a new outfit for a special event. The problem: this turns out to be a waste of money because that outfit will be tossed to the side when the event is over and probably never worn again. A new app may be the solution.
The app is Rent My Wardrobe, and it was founded by Rachel Sipperley, an entrepreneur based in Dallas. Through this app, women rent their clothes to other women who live in their geographic area.
So how exactly does the app work? Well, users first create a profile, post any number of items in their closet on the app, determine the rental fee for each item, and choose the dates when each item is available. Then, other app users can message the owner directly on the app when they are interested in renting something.
This startup capitalizes on a big business opportunity. But more than that, it empowers women in the process. Women get to wear cool new clothes at the same time that they are making money and being their own entrepreneurs. Pretty cool.
At the end of Dallas Startup Week, the local community gathered at Circo to celebrate the app’s launch. Also in attendance were the Real Housewives of Dallas, as well as camera crews for filming a new episode of their hit reality TV series. The event was a fun way to honor a business dedicated to its mission of bringing women together to inspire and support each other.

For more information about the app and the launch party, click here.

About the Author
Madeleine Shroyer is our firm’s rising expert on fashion and non-profit law. During her law school career at SMU, Madeleine interned at a boutique law firm, which taught her the importance of teamwork and effective communication.
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