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Maddrey PLLC focuses on the following areas of law: Art Law (for artists, galleries, collectors, and museums), Entrepreneur and Startup Law, Copyright Law and Litigation, Estate Planning, and General Business Law and Litigation. Even if your specific matter is not covered in the areas above, please don’t hesitate to call us! Oftentimes we can point you in the right direction.

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Upcoming Events

Selling Your Work – How to Work with Galleries and Online Platforms

03/21/2019 5:30 pm

For artists and creatives of all types, one of the most difficult things to face is how, exactly, to get paid for your work. For many years, the primary place artists sold their work was through galleries. But the internet has created brand new marketplaces for artists to get their work in the hands of buyers.
In this evening talk for the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Tom Maddrey will examine the in’s and outs of selling your work either in a physical gallery, or online, and cover the topics you need to know to sell your creations legally, safely, and with great success.

To learn more about the Fort Worth Community Arts Center click HERE.

Sprint From the Starting Line :: A Photographer’s Legal Guide

03/25/2019 7:00 pm

In March, Thomas Maddrey will be joining the members of the Trinity Arts Photo Club to speak about copyrights, contracts, and business entities.

If you are a member of TAPC this is an event you won’t want to miss! 

** Learn more about the Trinity Arts Photography Club HERE.

COLOR – A Spring Curated Exhibition

03/27/2019 6:30 pm

Join Maddrey PLLC for our third art exhibition, COLOR – A Spring curated exhibition and event in the heart of Dallas.

Maddrey PLLC is proud to announce that this year our art exhibition will be curated by Jennifer Kloss, art advisor and founder of Collector House.

This reception requires an RSVP.

April Creative Lunch + Learn :: The Artist – Gallery – Collector Relationship

04/10/2019 12:00 pm

Smack in the middle of Dallas Arts Month and the Dallas Art Fair, our April session will examine the relationship between artists, their galleries, and the collectors that buy the work.

This totally revamped session for 2019 will include sample contracts and agreements for you to use, as well as cautionary tales of what not to do when working with a gallery or collector!

What Photographers Need to Know :: Copyrights, Contracts, Court Cases, and Your ASMP Questions Answered

05/21/2019 6:00 pm

Join ASMP Dallas on May 21st as we welcome Intellectual Property attorney Tom Maddrey for a program on Copyright. Photographers all know about it, but amazingly few actually do it. We’ll review why it’s important, and how to do it right.

For as long as he can remember, Tom Maddrey has loved photography. Beginning when he was in high school, he became a member of ASMP. He carried his membership through college at the Brooks Institute of Photography, and into his commercial career. After almost a decade of shooting, Tom transitioned from photographer to attorney in order to help the creative and photographic communities.
Shortly after opening his own firm in his hometown of Dallas, Tom reached out to ASMP and for the last three years, Tom has been General Counsel of ASMP National. In this role, he works on projects from the smallest licensing agreement to the biggest Supreme Court cases on behalf of the organization. As an attorney with a growing firm, he works with photographers and other artists navigate the legal and business minefield of society.
In this session, Tom will tackle every question you have. He will talk about copyright, the best practices to protect your rights and how two huge Supreme Court cases that have been decided in the past two weeks have changed the landscape. He will talk about contracts and licensing agreements and describe what you need to know if you have a non-paying client or other dispute. And he will talk about ASMP, answering your questions and hearing your thoughts about the organization and how it can better help its members around the world.
This will be the first of many interactions between ASMP Dallas and Maddrey PLLC, since they share a home and a passion for photography. This session is not to be missed.

This event will be hosted by Camera Ready Studios.

Check-in will begin at 6 pm with the presentation running from 6:30-8pm.

Light refreshments will be served.

Registration with the button below.

Past Events

Creative Lunch + Learn :: 2019 Kick-Off // Three Questions


2019 Kick-Off // Three Questions

Arts Counsel Texas is proud to launch the 2019 season of Lunch + Learn programs! On the 2nd Wednesday of each month, we will focus on a new issue that bridges the chasms between art, law, and business.

To kick-off this year, we are going to have a program that acts as a summary of the events to follow, PLUS we will be answering the three most popular questions that Tom and Michael get from artists throughout the year. While we are keeping the exact questions a surprise, the topics will include copyright, LLC’s, and artist/gallery relationships.

Each of these topics will be covered in-depth later in the year, but this will be a chance to get some of your questions answered and have a party on us! Look forward to seeing you there!


Small Business Expo

Join Maddrey PLLC at the Small Business Expo in Dallas on Wednesday, February 6!

The Maddrey PLLC team will be assisting small business owners and answering questions while founder and managing partner, Thomas Maddrey, hosts a workshop on copyrights and trademarks, “Copyrights and Trademarks – Why Your Most Important Assets Are Intangible”.

Creative Lunch + Learn :: Your Legal Toolbox (or How I Learned to Love the Contract)

Most people, and maybe artists especially, think contracts are awful and want to avoid them at all costs. But as we will explain, this is a mistake based on a misunderstanding. Contracts are everywhere and they’re unavoidable. Indeed, virtually every agreement you make with someone is a contract, even if it’s not in writing. Sometimes it’s okay if the agreement is simply a handshake, but not always. In this presentation, we will talk about when and why certain agreements should be written and explain that they don’t have to be written in gobbledy-gook legalese.

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