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Today, we are launching a five-part Blog Post Series covering the questions that should be asked by anyone who is thinking about starting a business or who has already started a business but has not officially formed an entity with the Texas Secretary of State.

The first goal of this Series is to make potential business owners aware of some of the issues that they should be considering when first starting a business. The second goal is to equip potential business owners with information that will allow them to better navigate some of these initial issues concerning entity formation. The Posts are written in a general nature so that the Series will be applicable to a wide range of business types and are intended to be helpful even for those who are new to the world of entity formation.

The five Posts in the Entity Formation Series cover the following topics (click on the title to be taken straight to the post):

1.     Entity Formation Series Part I – When Should You Form an Entity?

2.     Entity Formation Series Part II – What Type of Entity Should You Form?

3.     Entity Formation Series Part III(a) – Why a Limited Liability Company is (usually) the Best Entity Vehicle for Most Business Models

4.     Entity Formation Series Part III(b) – Why a C Corporation is (usually) the Best Entity Vehicle for those Businesses with a Market-Disrupting Business Model 

5.     Entity Formation Series Part IV – Where to Form your Entity: Texas vs. Delaware

Below, is an Entity Formation: Decision-Making Flowchart, which graphically represents the big questions covered in the Entity Formation Series, that can be used in conjunction with the Series’ Blog Posts linked above.

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