Dallas Museum of Art Dior Show :: A Testament to the Power of Fashion

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Dallas Museum of Art Dior Show :: A Testament to the Power of Fashion


This post is guest authored by Victoria Gonzales, a rising third-year law student at Texas A&M School of Law. Victoria is one of our summer legal interns here at Maddrey PLLC, and we are happy to present this article. As always, I have reviewed this post for its legal and factual conclusions – Tom Maddrey


A Testament to the Power of Fashion

From May 19 to September 1 the Dallas Museum of Art is playing host to more than 70 years of the House of Dior’s legacy. The exhibit finds its home in Dallas due in large part to the relationship between Stanley Marcus (of Neiman Marcus) and a young Christian Dior and is a stunning testament to the craft and execution necessary to become one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world.


Each room features a theme to best capture the craftsmanship that has become iconic to the Dior brand.  Once ushered inside the fashion vault, your eyes are immediately drawn to the “Office of Dreams,” where “toiles” (ideas in a white fabric) are displayed. During her Gallery Talk on June 5, Annette Becker (Director of the Texas Fashion Collection) emphasized that this portion of the exhibit is not only visually striking but, could likely never be seen outside of the fashion house itself.


The next room is an homage to the artistic directors that have played an integral part in establishing the Dior brand. Interestingly, the Dallas Museum of Art has selected pieces from their own collection to compliment the style of each artistic director. A Jackson Pollock can be seen next to designs from Marc Bohen and a large Sterling Ruby hangs behind the designs of Raf Simons creating an interesting juxtaposition between fine art and “fine fashion.”


The section following is titled “From Paris to the World” and is designed like a catwalk ending at a display of the more recognizable pieces created by the House of Dior. Rihanna’s iconic white ball gown from the Cannes Film Festival and Jennifer’ Lawrence’s Oscars dress in which she accepted (following a tumble) her award for best actress in 2013, and Zoe Kravitz’s rainbow feathered look from the 2017 Emmys are among the designs displayed at the end of the “runway.”


In the last room, “Field of Flowers,” Christian Dior’s obsession with fragrance and flowers is on display and is punctuated by pieces from Monet and O’Keefe. Overall more playful, this room feels like the inside of a flower and invites us to take a trip to the past and enjoy a little more flamboyance.


The Dallas Museum of Art has created a rare opportunity for couture to be accessible to the general public in Dior: From Paris to the World. The world of art and fashion have come together seamlessly in this exhibit and have created not only a stunning display of the House of Dior’s finest work but of the future of fashion.


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