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Artist Agreements


Below you will find frequently asked questions regarding Artist Agreements.


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Do musicians need artist agreements?


Yes, musicians need artist agreements.

The types of agreements musicians may need include:


  • agency agreements
  • recording agreements
  • performance agreements
  • licensing agreements


When a record label wants to represent an artist, the label will have the artist enter into and sign a recording contract that will outline the terms of the agreement and the rights of both parties. If the musician has an agent, he/she should enter into a music agency agreement that describes the terms of the relationship with his/her agent. A musician may need a performance agreement if he/she performs at events, such as at a wedding or a specific venue. If a person or a company wants to use an artist’s song, the artist will want to enter into a licensing agreement that allows the person or company to use it.

The preceding are just a few of the many agreements musicians need to protect themselves legally.

What is an artist agreement?


An Artist Agreement is a type of document between an artist and another party.

This other party is typically a company or business that wants to represent or do business with the artist. In general, an Artist Agreement defines the services that the artist will be providing, the compensation he/she will get for those services, and the rights of each party related to the services.

These Agreements are relevant for any kind of artist, including visual artists and recording artists.

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