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At Maddrey PLLC education is at the forefront of our services to the community. As an effort to answer the questions the public is asking we have started pinpointing exactly what you, the creative, are asking!


Creators and businesses of all sizes face the same fundamental issue; how to protect the work they have invested their time and money in generating.

In many cases, part of the answer is to register their copyrights!

Check out the answers to some of the most asked copyright questions.

Artist Agreements

When you are a fine artist, you are focused on your craft, but your clients and galleries are focused on other business-related issues.

Learn the ins and out of how to evaluate and understand Artist Agreements in this section of #MaddreyMix.

Estate Planning

No matter what your current financial situation, determining how to protect your family and clarify these issues are important for every person.

Creatives especially need to be aware of the availability of art trusts and similar tools to create longevity in their work.

Limited Liability Companies

The LLC is one of the greatest tools for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs ever created.

In this section, we touch on some of the most asked questions related to this important business form.

Non-Compete Agreements

We get quite a few questions regarding Non-Compete Agreements, what they mean, and when they are enforceable.

In this section, we take a look at some basics of these critical documents.


For over a decade Tom Maddrey was a commercial and fine art photographer and gallery owner. But his biggest love was teaching both in the field workshops and giving seminars and lectures on photography to thousands of people around the globe. While many photo questions have a range of opinions and answers, the ones you will see here are simply Tom’s!

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