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Entity Formation Series :: Part 3a – Why A Limited Liability Company Is (Usually) The Best Entity Vehicle For Most Business Models

August 2017 Posted by Ford Harmon

There are many different entity vehicles to choose from under Texas law. Although there are other options, the more commonly-utilized entities include: 1.     limited liability companies (LLCs); 2.     for-profit corporations; 3.     limited partnerships (LPs); 4.     general partnerships; and, 5.     sole proprietorships. It is important to note that these entity forms are creations of Texas state law, not federal law. When…

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Entity Formation Series :: Part 3b – Why A C Corporation Is (Usually) The Best Entity Vehicle For Those Businesses With A Market-disrupting Business Model

August 2017 Posted by Ford Harmon

If you are looking to disrupt a market and aspire to launch the next Facebook or Uber, then you should likely form a C corporation. In a previous post, Entity Formation Series Part II – When Type of Entity Should You Form?, I told you that a C Corporation should be used if you have a market-disrupting…

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Entity Formation Series :: Part 4 – Where To Form Your Entity: Texas Vs. Delaware

August 2017 Posted by Ford Harmon

If you are going to form an entity, the only two potential states that should generally be considered when deciding where to form are your home state and Delaware. An exception to this rule would be if your business is in a specific industry for which a certain state has incredibly-friendly state regulations (for example,…

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Hi There!

September 2016 Posted by Thomas Maddrey

Welcome to Creative Business Law, a blog that has been developed to discuss the areas of art law, creative law, social media law, and startup and entrepreneur law (among other odds and ends). This blog is a new avenue to continue the conversation I have been having with artists, photographers, and business owners for the…

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