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A Million Dollar Object of Art or Hoax?

October 2018 Posted by Madeleine Shroyer

A Million Dollar Object of Art or Hoax?   What’s All the Hype About? Right now, the art world is buzzing about a never-before-seen event that concluded the Sotheby’s auction in London last week. The final art piece offered for sale was Girl with Balloon, anacrylic and spray paint on canvas. When bidding wars ceased,…

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The Emergence Of Art-Tech Startups

September 2018 Posted by Ford Harmon

The Emergence Of Art-Tech Startups   A growing number of art-centric technology startups have recently emerged, injecting new methods of operation and providing a new set of tools for creating, protecting, viewing and completing transactions in the notoriously static and antiquated art world.  Much like industry sectors such as fintech, reg-tech, or med-tech, a rash…

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Art And The Eight Foot Hole

August 2018 Posted by Thomas Maddrey

Art And The Eight Foot Hole   Today, I want to talk about a recent story that has a dash of all the drama that we encounter in “art law”. This event includes artists, installations, museums, liability, injury, and a good amount of interesting commentary. Read on… I must confess that I have a special…

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Copyright Infringement Pre-litigation Checklist

June 2018 Posted by Thomas Maddrey

Copyright Infringement Pre-litigation Checklist   When a client comes to you with a possible copyright infringement, what do you as the attorney need to consider before taking on the client or filing suit? This article will discuss registration, publication, demand or cease and desist letters, and other pre-litigation considerations that should be in your mind….

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Media Licensing Tips and Pitfalls

May 2018 Posted by Thomas Maddrey

Media Licensing Tips and Pitfalls   An earlier version of this article appeared in the March 2018 American Bar Association’s Headnotes Publication.    Every creative client knows about “copyright” as a general idea, but too many are unfamiliar with their rights when licensing their work. A creative client includes, but is not limited to, any…

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