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Thomas maddrey 
managing partner / Founder               

As the the founding partner and lead attorney for Maddrey PLLC, Thomas wears a variety of hats for the firm. Thomas tackles legal work in a variety of practice areas, including:

  • Business law;
  • Art law;
  • Copyright + trademark prosecution, infringement, and IP portfolio management;
  • Civili Litigation;
  • Estate planning; and,
  • Start up law/entrepreneurial Law.

Tom also is a certified mediator and provides mediation services for both civil and family law matters.



 Ford W. Harmon                   Associate                                                    

Ford focuses on a variety of business law matters, including the following practice areas:

  • Start up law/entrepreneurial Law;
  • Law related to blockchain, crypto-assets (including cryptocurrencies), and other decentralized technologies;
  • Business structuring and governance for corporations, LLCs, various forms of partnerships, and other potential entity vehicles;
  • Contract drafting, reviewing, and negotiations;
  • Copyright + trademark prosecution, infringement, and IP portfolio management; and,
  • Art law;
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DIRECTOR OF MARKETING and Client Development

Beth is the heart and soul of the Maddrey team's overall marketing and client development efforts. A true "player-coach" in her marketing efforts, she not only designs the big picture marketing strategies for the firm and ensures that they are accomplished but she also actively participates in the numerous networking and client-development events that she includes in her marketing plan. 

Beth is always actively on top of marketing strategies and constantly looking to expand on the firm's ability to reach its target clients.