Hi There!

Welcome to Creative Business Law, a blog that has been developed to discuss the areas of art law, creative law, social media law, and startup and entrepreneur law (among other odds and ends). 

This blog is a new avenue to continue the conversation I have been having with artists, photographers, and business owners for the past decade. It is my hope that what we write, as well as what our guests convey, helps you grow your business and “demystify” the sometimes obscure topic of law. 

But why should you listen to me? Well, for over a decade, I was a commercial photographer specializing in nature and wildlife work. I owned an art gallery in Dallas, TX, and my work hangs in many collections around the world. Over that time I was an entrepreneur, starting multiple photography related businesses in the areas of online education and consulting. I realized that so many of the problems I had faced in business and law were complex and confusing to many creatives in many fields. So I stumbled on a solution: I would be the conduit between these two groups. After all, if there is a mistake to be made in these fields, I promise I have made it!

In the Fall of 2010, I tabled my businesses and started law school at the SMU Dedman School of Law in Dallas, TX. After passing the bar and becoming licensed in Texas, I honed my lawyer chops at a litigation firm in North Texas. Appearing in court quite often helped me understand not only the legal system at a practical level, but how to best help my clients when trouble struck. 

In 2015, I left my old firm and started a law firm of my own, Maddrey PLLC, where I could work with the clients who I felt most passionately about helping. Our client list includes artists, galleries, collectors, entrepreneurs, idealists, and dreamers. We write contracts, help with copyright issues, work on estate planning, and defend and prosecute all types of court cases to help our clients. 

So I write not only from the position of attorney, but also artist, photographer, gallery owner, educator, and student. In keeping with that tradition, we can not only help you draft a rock-solid agreement, but we will go to the mat to protect your rights in court as well. 

This blog is designed to help address some of the common questions we get all the time, shine a spotlight on our clients who are doing great things, and exist as an outlet for my own random thoughts on art, photography, entrepreneurship, and how all three interact with the law. 

I sincerely hope you find value in these pages, and if you do, please reach out! We would love to chat with you, and hear your thoughts, criticisms, and (hopefully) praise about this most enjoyable labor. Thank you!

Thomas Maddrey